Open Ocean Adventure

OPEN OCEAN ADVENTURE is a FREE half-day saltwater youth fishing event that takes place on a professional fishing boat on the open ocean. This program is designed to immerse pre-selected at-risk and inner city kids in a safe outdoor experience, and offer them a completely fresh perspective to their usual daily life. The event begins with the youths boarding a chartered fishing boat at a local marina. Youths are taught about boating safety and ocean fishing techniques as well as encouraged to ask questions about the new environment they have entered.

Open Ocean Adventure events are successful because:

  1. The foundation only works with professional, Coast Guard approved sport fishing vessels manned by experts to provide a safe, encouraging and comfortable fishing experience.
  2. Rods, reels and tackle are available for FREE on a “loaner” basis for each child participant who doesn’t have their own equipment.
  3. Effective baits and tips on how to use them are provided FREE of charge.
  4. A number of volunteer anglers are on board the boat to assist the kids and offer fishing tips, outdoor education, moral support, positive role modeling and encouragement.
  5. A FREE meal is provided to all youth participants on board.
  6. Fish cleaning is provided FREE of charge for all fish caught.
  7. Rare wildlife education opportunities such as sea lion, whale and dolphin watching are also part of the experience.

This is a truly exciting opportunity for the children to temporarily step away from their daily stress and feel the salt on their face and the wind in their hair. We believe it can be a life-changing experience for these kids. We know they won’t forget it because we are told by the kids themselves, “This is something I want to do again… go fishing!”

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