Introduction To Saltwater Fishing Course

Learn To Fish With Captain Dan Hernandez 

We have been getting request for years for us to offer basic saltwater fishing classes for both adults and families. You all tell us you like the way we teach kids to catch fish, but some of you adults and even whole families would like to learn how-to catch fish too and many of you have been asking us for private fishing lesson. If you or your family would like to learn how-to get started in fishing or how to become a better angler. We now offer private fishing charters and on-to –water classes just for you. We have two basic saltwater fishing courses to pick from.

Please call us to reserve your course date at (562) 865-3764. If you prefer you can email us at

On The Dock – Introduction To Basic Saltwater Fishing - Up to four people- 2 Hours

COST: $400.00 for up to five (5) people

This is a basic hands-on introduction in saltwater fishing. The class takes place on our boat tied up at the dock.  We will not be heading out for any fishing.

See below for a full description of course.
On The Dock – Introduction To Basic Saltwater Fishing


Our instructors will describe saltwater fishing and the different types fishing and will teach about the different types of fishing trips that local sport fishing landings offer throughout California. A historical view of the sport is discussed as well.

Fishing Gear & Tackle

We introduce students to rods, reels, lures, jigs and hooks needed for saltwater fishing. Also discussed is matching the type of fishing tackle and gear that is required for targeting different types of fish.

Basic Casting

Casting is a very important aspect of fishing. Our students will leave our program with a very good understanding of how-to cast. Our instructors will demonstrate the proper way to casts.


Students will learn to tie dependable knots including the palmar knot, the clinch knot, etc. During the knot tying portion, students will also learn how to tie a dropper loop rig.

Pinning On Baits

Our instructors will teach our students the best ways to pin on a live baits and how to work with both live and strip squid.


There are certain guidelines and considerations to be followed while fishing. Our instructors will go over the simple courtesies that are important for all anglers to follow and basic etiquette when fishing on large sport fishing boat.

Private Fishing Charter - On-the-water- fishing class

½ Day Ocean Fishing Trip – Introduction To Local Saltwater Fishing -Up to four people 5-6 Hours 

COST: $1,400.00 for up to four (4) people

This is an actual fishing trip with a US Coast Guard licensed captain and an experienced deckhand. You’ll get an introduction in local saltwater fishing and you’ll learn basic fishing skills like.

  • Rods & reels
  • Fishing gear and tackle
  • Pinning on baits
  • How-to set the hook on a fish
  • How-to to battle a fish
  • Fishing boat etiquette

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, everyone is welcomed to learn about fishing.
  • Are children welcome? Yes, we encourage parents and grandparents to enroll youth with them.
  • Do you do private classes for groups or families? Yes we do.
  • We suggest starting kids in fishing at about 10 years of age, earlier if the child is asking to do so.

How to Enroll

Enrollment in Daniel Hernandez Youth Foundation School programs is easy. Please call us to reserve your course date at (562) 865-3764. If you prefer you can email us at

Cancellation Policy

All bookings are considered tentative until a credit card number is received.

50% deposit is due at booking. The balance is due 48 hours before your trip. If you are a no show or do not cancel 72 hours before your trip you will forfeit all funds.