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  • Daiwa Sealine 50H

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  • Daiwa Sealine 600H

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  • Plamp Tackle Box #3510

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  • Penn 545GSĀ 

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  • Penn 320 GT2

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  • Penn 209M Level Wind


    The Penn Level Wind 209M Reel features a high capacity stainless steel spool for easier casting. This saltwater reel is the perfect gadget to troll or stir fresh water or salt water to capture fish. With its aluminum spool and brass main gear, it bears even heavy loads and withstands roughest of outdoor wear and tear. Using the Penn saltwater reel you can abridge the tension involved during fishing in saltwater, as it stirs the water greatly to lure fishes towards it. The Penn Level Wind 209M Reel features counter-balanced handles that enhance grip and oversized paddle knobs facilitate better handling. With a maximum drag force of 10lbs and a 3:2:1 gear ratio, this Penn fishing reel is highly efficient and aids you in every way during your fishing activity. Thus with all its exciting features, this Penn fishing reel draws fishes towards your boat or shore thereby ensuring that you never return empty-handed after fishing.

    Penn 209M Level Wind Reel:

    • Smooth drag under heavy loads
    • Stainless steel reel stand
    • Machined and anodized aluminum spool
    • Machine cut brass main gear
    • Precision-machined stainless steel pinion gear
    • Counter-balanced handle with oversized paddle knob
    • Maximum drag: 10 lbs
    • Gear ratio: 3.2:1
    • Line retrieve: 19″
    • Weight: 19 oz
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  • Penn 16VSX International

    Penn International VSX models are constructed to achieve the extreme drag ranges expected by anglers fishing with super-braids. Unlike other products that advertise their high-potential drag settings but fail to inform you that these drag settings result in drag curves that are anything but angler friendly, and have a high potential to pop lines, pull hooks, and result in lost fish, Penn VSX models have been engineered to achieve these extreme drag settings while maintaining an appropriate and smooth drag curve throughout the entire range of the drag-lever. Simply put, Penn Engineering at its finest.
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  • Lucas Oil Diesel Deep Clean-16 oz

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  • Lucas Oil Ethanol Fuel 16oz

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